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5-year veteran Mozilla software user created Mozilla Developer Network User account to assist in content editing. The account has been inactive-- essentially dormant-- since its creation in [2009?], due to the account-owner's misplacement of login criteria.

Having tried to log-in; access this account in as recent as the last 90-days, using what he believed to be the proper credentials (the same credentials as used on this log-in), this user wishes to dispel his confusion concerning other MDN-like resources of Mozilla.org , and/ or, Mozilla.com. The user suspects his inconsistent difficulty with log-in credentials must be a matter of attempted log-in from mozilla.org/mozilla.com URL unrelated to the MDN / developer.mozilla.org, however he is not certain, and leaves this textual note as a reminder for himself.

In the unlikely event that he uncovers some issue regarding authorized log-in for valid MDN Users (i.e. the contributing public), he hopes referencing this text might help him to diagnose it. Likewise, he wishes to leave this text here, temporarily, until he is able to better understand his failure to log-in on previous occasions.

Reader, stanley.tweedle thanks you for your understanding. You are welcome to comment here, if you wish.  


Successful login, legacy FF profile, using saved credentials.
Question: Is there any remarkable difference between "MDN", and "MDC". Are the acronyms interchangeable, or is there some primary difference? (i.e. the MDN represents the /users/, while the MDC represents the /content/ ?)

"MDN" is the entire developer site. "MDC" is the documentation portion of the site (that is, the majority of it). It's really mostly a historical term, and we sometimes use them somewhat interchangeably. (Sheppy 19 May 2011)

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