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    Thanks! :)


    Hi fusionchess, my name is Marco (mbcraft). I have made a little library using your cookies.js library. I've shared it here with GPL3 license :
    After 'ITALIANO' in README there is also ENGLISH.
    Thanks for your code! :)
    [mbcraft, April 16, 2015]

    [fusionchess June 20, 2015]


    You've been adding some nice stuff! One request: please detab your examples to 2 spaces per tab before inserting them, so they're consistent with the rest of our samples. :) [Sheppy 19 July 2011]


    The StringView library you wrote looks great. I'd love to use it for a commercial project I'm working on but I cannot since the library is licensed under GPL 3. I wonder if you would consider using a more liberal license for your library. In any case nice work. [keithshep 16 July 2014]


    I am sorry, but I read your message just now…
    Thank you very much! After thinking a bit about it, I decided to convert the license of StringView to LGPL.


    Sept. 26, 2014

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