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Your MDC edits

Twice you have edited Install Manifests changing the documentation to read an incorrect (and not recommended) max version... while syntactically 'ok', it does not make sense for any extension author to enter such a value, as it is impossible to tell the future, and thusly impossible to know just how high of a version your extension will work with. Please be a bit more mindful of future edits, but your help is appreciated. Should you have any questions with my statements here you are free to contact me at You are also free to contact Deb (dria) at (the MDC's main administrator) if you have a problem with my words (though they are not meant to hinder your efforts here). The changes you made are at (the first two changes you had made there) just for your reference. --Callek 23:40, 21 April 2006 (PDT)

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