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Nikolai: I don't see the point of having firefox logo here, removing. Please explain the point on the talk page before adding it back, thanks.

Not sure if I have to post on My talk or somewhere on your pages - still shaky on Moz Wiki.

Anyway: XBL MDC as it is right now is a partially patched version of the original XBL 1.0 proposal (see the note in the Abstract). Some parts are close to the real Firefox/Mozilla implementation, some not, some have nothing in common. I wanted to mark somehow the articles which are fully checked and adjusted to the real implementation. (so not checked would mean "use on your own risk and don't rely on text too much") I thought a small Fx logo would be appropriate. After the last section in the docs is checked, one could remove all signs all together.

Aha, thanks for the explanation, the point of the icon was really unclear. I think we should use something more obvious (perhaps a green checkmark or a textual explanation like in the Template:NeedsTechnicalReview?) to mark the updated parts of the references though or at least explain the meaning of the icon somewhere. --Nickolay 13:20, 3 May 2006 (PDT)
Aha! :-) Template:NeedsTechnicalReview definitely would be a more informative solution, I think we should to stick to this for now. Thanks for the hint.


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