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<h3 name="Transforming_XML_with_XSLT"> Transforming_XML_with_XSLT </h3>
<p>regarding your change: (<a class="external" href=";curid=1396&amp;diff=35670&amp;oldid=29460&amp;rcid=36309">), I have gone ahead and removed the 'missing' link from the document itself. According to Google Web Cache (</a><a class="external" href=";;btnG=Google+Search">) the page in question was very out of date anyway, and based on a (very rough) google Search (</a><a class="external" href=";q=W3C+Standards+Support+in+IE+and+the+Netscape+Gecko+Browser+Engine&amp;btnG=Google+Search">) I cannot find a new version of the document. --</a><a href="User:Callek">Callek</a> 21:58, 29 June 2006 (PDT)
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