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User talk:Shaver/Proposal for developer communication

I have found two plugins that are useful here -- the first allows us to specify an email address to which to send posts on a per-category basis, and the second allows us to specify a "primary" category for posts. Both are very simple, straight PHP drop-in plugins that seem to work well.

We may want to merge the functionality a bit so only mail is sent to the address specified for the "primary" category, in order to keep discussion from occurring spontaneously on multiple lists.

dria 13:35, 27 Jun 2005 (PDT)

I don't see the difference between one blog with multiple authors, and multiple authors being syndicated by one or more feeds. I think what you want to do is standardize the tags.

For example, asa blogs about a ton of stuff. Only some of it is specific to the mozilla world. why ask him (sorry to pick on you, asa) to blog in one place for mozilla stuff and another for his other hobbies when you simply can just ask him to use a well defined set of tags and then syndicate and filter his postings?

my .02

--DougT 14:15, 27 Jun 2005 (PDT)

This is not a substitute for "all blogs by developers"; it's a way that we can get important announcements (API shifts, release schedule updates, tree status changes, etc.) in front of more of the people who need to see it. We already have what you describe on planet.mozilla.org, and people have been happily picking subsets of their own writings for syndication. (It's also a way to provide some topic-driven forums, possibly in conjuction with the Great Mozilla Newgrouping, but I'm less concerned about that part for now.) If you're really old, you might remember when the "newsbot" thing worked, and it was along the same lines. -- shaver

To take a different tack here: if a new developer comes along, someone who doesn't know Asa from Adam, why would that developer ever think that Asa's blog represented "official" Mozilla information? Planet.mo is, for better or worse, a chaotic mash of whatever people feel like posting to their syndicated feeds. It shouldn't be jury-rigged (by way of enforcing some sort of draconian topic list and tagging scheme) into something it is not. Better to just leave it as it is and create a single, centralized, more tightly controlled source that people can turn to for "official" news. -- dria 16:33, 27 Jun 2005 (PDT)

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