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<h3 name="Re:_Breadcrumbs_Extension"> Re: Breadcrumbs Extension </h3>
<p>(Re: <a href="User_talk:Callek#Breadcrumbs_extension">1</a>) Can you please file a <a class="external" href=";component=Infrastructure|bug"> on the issue, Assign it to me <span class="plain">[</span><tt></tt><span class="plain">]</span> (if you can assign it that is). Mark the new bug Dependant on {{template.Bug(311823)}}.  Once I get a working version out for that Bug (Which will slightly change the way the extension discovers parents), I will work on your bug if the new way does not fix your bug for me. Thank you for reporting this problem! --</a><a href="User:Callek">Callek</a> 21:25, 29 May 2006 (PDT)
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