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This is way to confusing - just want to report a couple problems with SeaMonkey .. not about to go through pages and pages of forms / idle talk. ONE: problem is with SeaMonkey and hotmail account,, my contacts (addresses) don't appear on the page properly - can only read parts of list. TWO: when finance page with yahoo loads, I only get a partial load. Drop down buttons do not appear at all - but,,, if you run the mouse over the area where the button is suppose to be, the options appear. THREE: seamonkey 'Help' button works in part; 'About Plug Ins' ok but 'About SeaMonkey' will not show version - shows nothing at all - no new page. Four: after using browser, to close I must go to "task manager" / processes or else SeaMonkey will continue to run in the background - no indication this is happening - and it won't reload the S.M browser.

I have WXP Pro S.P.2

HOW can't find the 'Commit' button - - what a joke!!

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