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    Vladimir Dzhuvinov

    My software products related to the Mozilla platform:

    • Json2Ldap - Turns any LDAP v3 compatible directory into a JSON-RPC 2.0 web service. Can be accessed from regular browser JavaScript apps as well as from XULRunner apps.
    • JsWorld - Localised number, date/time and currency formatting in JavaScript, with ready definitions for 300+ world locales and 150+ currencies, XULRunner application support included.
    • CORSĀ Filter - Adds Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support to Java web applications. Works with CORS compatible browsers, such as Firefox 3.5+.
    • MozWordNet - Remote XUL front-end to the the Wordnet lexical database.
    • MyTransactionCenter - a standalone Xulrunner application managing peer remuneration in virtual teams.

    You can visit my homepage at

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