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Name: Accessibility (#)
Description: Support for platform accessibility APIs. Accessibility APIs are used by 3rd party software like screen readers, screen magnifiers, and voice dictation software, which need information about document content and UI controls, as well as important events like changes of focus.
Owner: Alexander Surkov
Peer(s): David Bolter, Ginn Chen, Trevor Saunders, Marco Zehe
Source Dir(s): accessible/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Disability Access APIs
Discussion Group: dev-accessibility
Name: Browser WebAPI (#)
Description: Web API for rendering apps, browser windows and widgets.
Owner: Kan-Ru Chen
Peer(s): Olli Pettay, Fabrice Desré
Source Dir(s): dom/browser-element/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM
Discussion Group: dev-webapi
Name: Build and Release Tools (#)
Description: Tools related to build and release automation and configuration of release builds.
Owner: Nick Thomas
Peer(s): Ben Hearsum, Chris Cooper, Chase Phillips, John Paul Reed, Robert Helmer
Source Dir(s): tools/, tools/build-environment/, tools/build/, tools/buildbot-configs/, tools/buildbot/, tools/buildbotcustom/, tools/l10n/, tools/MozBuild/, tools/patcher-configs/, tools/patcher/, tools/release/, tools/tinderbox-configs/, tools/tinderbox/, tools/update-packaging/, browser/config/mozconfigs/, mobile/config/mozconfigs/, xulrunner/config/mozconfigs/
Bugzilla Component(s): Engineering, Engineering: Custom Builds
Discussion Group: dev-builds
Name: Build Config (#)
Description: The build system for Gecko and several hosted Gecko-based applications.
Owner: Gregory Szorc (:gps)
Peer(s): Benjamin Smedberg (:bsmedberg), Mike Hommey (:glandium), Ted Mielczarek (:ted), Mike Shal (:mshal), Kyle Huey (:khuey) (less active - send reviews to others)
Source Dir(s): build/, config/, python/mozbuild, tools/cross-commit, tools/, tools/cvsmgmt/, tools/elf-dynstr-gc/, tools/, browser/config/mozconfigs/, mobile/config/mozconfigs/, xulrunner/config/mozconfigs/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Build Config
Discussion Group: dev-builds
Name: Code Analysis and Debugging Tools (#)
Description: Tools for debugging Mozilla code or for analyzing speed, memory use, and other characteristics of it.
Owner: David Baron
Source Dir(s): tools/codesighs/, tools/debug/, tools/dreftool/, tools/dumpdeps/, tools/footprint/, tools/jprof/, tools/leaky/, tools/memory/, tools/module-deps/, tools/performance/, tools/post_compile/, tools/preloader/, tools/rb/, tools/reorder/, tools/trace-malloc/, tools/uuiddeps/,
Discussion Group: dev-performance
Name: Content HTTP Headers (#)
Description: HTTP headers related to content, e.g. User-Agent, Content-Type, Accept. (Transport-related headers are the responsibility of the Necko module owner.)
Owner: Gervase Markham
Peer(s): Lawrence Mandel
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Networking: HTTP
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Content Security (#)
Description: Native content-based security features, including: Content Security Policy (CSP), Mixed Content Blocker (MCB), and Safe Browsing.
Owner: Sid Stamm, Gian-Carlo Pascutto
Peer(s): Garrett Robinson, Tanvi Vyas, Dan Veditz
Source Dir(s): dom/security (needs to be created)
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM: Security
Discussion Group: dev-security
Name: Cookies and Permissions (#)
Owner: Monica Chew
Peer(s): Josh Matthews, Ehsan Akhgari, Mike Connor, Dan Witte, Christian Biesinger, Shawn Wilsher (ping on irc)
Source Dir(s): extensions/cookie/, netwerk/cookie/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Networking: Cookies
Discussion Group: dev-tech-network
Name: Cycle Collector (#)
Description: Code to break and collect objects within reference cycles
Owner: Andrew McCreight
Peer(s): Peter Van der Beken, Olli Pettay, David Baron
Source Dir(s): xpcom/base/nsCycleCollector.* and some support headers
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XPCOM
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: docshell (#)
Owner: Boris Zbarsky
Peer(s): Christian Biesinger,Benjamin Smedberg, Johnny Stenback, Olli Pettay, Justin Lebar
Source Dir(s): docshell/, uriloader/, webshell/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Document Navigation
Discussion Group: dev-tech-layout
Name: Device Storage (#)
Description: Support for the device storage API
Owner: Dave Hylands, Jan Varga
Peer(s): Doug Turner
Source Dir(s): dom/devicestorage/, dom/interfaces/devicestorage/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM: Device Interfaces
Discussion Group: dev-tech-dom
Name: Document Object Model (#)
Owner: Johnny Stenback, Peter Van der Beken
Peer(s): Boris Zbarsky, Jonas Sicking, Olli Pettay, Ben Turner, Mounir Lamouri, Kyle Huey, Justin Lebar, Henri Sivonen, Blake Kaplan, Bobby Holley, Andrea Marchesini
Source Dir(s): content/*, dom/*, except directories covered by other modules
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM, Core::DOM: CSS Object Model, Core::DOM: Core & HTML, Core::DOM: Events
Discussion Group: dev-tech-dom
Name: Web Workers (#)
Owner: Ben Turner
Peer(s): Blake Kaplan, Jonas Sicking, Kyle Huey
Source Dir(s): dom/workers/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM: Workers
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: IndexedDB (#)
Owner: Ben Turner
Peer(s): Jonas Sicking, Kyle Huey, Jan Varga
Source Dir(s): dom/indexedDB/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM: IndexedDB
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Editor (#)
Owner: Ehsan Akhgari
Source Dir(s): editor/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Editor
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Embedding (#)
Owner: Benjamin Smedberg
Peer(s): Boris Zbarsky, Johnny Stenback
Source Dir(s): embedding/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Embedding: APIs, Core::Embedding: ActiveX Wrapper, Core::Embedding: GRE Core, Core::Embedding: GTK Widget, Core::Embedding: MFC Embed, Core::Embedding: Mac, Core::Embedding: Packaging
Discussion Group: dev-embedding
Name: Find As You Type (#)
Description: Find As You Type (formerly called Type Ahead Find) is a feature that allows quick web page navigation when you type a succession of characters in the body of the displayed page (not in an edit box of or drop down list). Currently seeks new owner.
Source Dir(s): extensions/typeaheadfind/
Discussion Group: dev-accessibility
Name: Geolocation (#)
Description: Implementation of the Geolocation W3C Spec, location provider apis, and wifi scanning code.
Owner: Doug Turner
Peer(s): Josh Matthews, Kan-Ru Chen
Source Dir(s): dom/src/geolocation, dom/system/, netwerk/wifi
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Geolocation
Discussion Group: dev-tech-dom
Name: Global Key Bindings (#)
Description: Global hot keys in Mozilla for the browser, editor, mail-news and widgets. Does not include underlined menu accelerators and the like, as those are part of i18n.
Owner: Aaron Leventhal
Peer(s): Neil Rashbrook
Source Dir(s): content/xbl/builtin/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Keyboard: Navigation
Discussion Group: dev-accessibility
Name: Graphics (#)
Description: Mozilla graphics API
Owner: Jeff Muizelaar(Thebes, QCMS, YCbCr, Cairo/Pixman, Regions, OS X, Other), Robert O'Callahan
Peer(s): Joe Drew, Vladimir Vukicevic, Bas Schouten(Layers, Windows), Benoit Jacob(gfx/gl), Benoit Girard(Compositor, Performance), Ali Juma, Jeff Gilbert(WebGL, ANGLE), George Wright(Canvas2D, Skia), Matt Woodrow(Layers API), John Daggett(text/fonts), Jonathan Kew(text/fonts), Nicolas Silva(MozSurface), Nick Cameron, Sotaro Ikeda(B2G), James Willcox(Android), Christopher Lord
Source Dir(s): gfx/, content/canvas/src/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Graphics, Core::Graphics: Layers, Core::Graphics: Text, Core::GFX: Color Management, Core::Canvas: 2D, Core::Canvas: WebGL
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: APZ (Graphics submodule) (#)
Description: Asynchronous panning and zooming
Owner: Kartikaya Gupta
Peer(s): Botond Ballo, Timothy Nikkel, Benoit Girard, Christopher Lord
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Panning and Zooming
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Moz2D (Graphics submodule) (#)
Description: Platform independent 2D graphics API
Owner: Bas Schouten
Peer(s): Jeff Muizelaar, George Wright, Jonathan Watt
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Graphics
Discussion Group: dev-platform

Name: GTK Embedding Widget (#)
Description: Gtk Widget for embedding Mozilla into Gtk applications
Owner: Marco Pesenti Gritti
Peer(s): Benjamin Smedberg, Doug Turner
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Embedding: GTK Widget
Discussion Group: dev-embedding
Name: Legacy HTML Parser (#)
Owner: Blake Kaplan
Peer(s): David Baron, Johnny Stenback, Peter Van der Beken,
Source Dir(s): parser/htmlparser
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::HTML: Parser
Discussion Group: dev-tech-dom
Name: HAL (#)
Description: Hardware Abstraction Layer
Owner: Dave Hylands
Peer(s): Gabriele Svelto
Source Dir(s): hal/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: HTML Parser (#)
Description: The HTML Parser transforms HTML source code into a DOM. It conforms to the HTML specification, and is mostly translated automatically from Java to C++.
Owner: Henri Sivonen
Source Dir(s): parser/html
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::HTML: Parser
Discussion Group: dev-tech-dom
Name: I18N Library (#)
Owner: Jungshik Shin, Simon Montagu
Peer(s): Masatoshi Kimura
Source Dir(s): intl/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Internationalization
Discussion Group: dev-i18n
Name: ImageLib (#)
Owner: Joe Drew
Peer(s): Brian Bondy, Jeff Muizelaar, Justin Lebar, Seth Fowler
Source Dir(s): media/libjpeg/, media/libpng/, image/, modules/zlib/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::ImageLib
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: IPC (#)
Description: Message-passing between threads and processes
Owner: Chris Jones
Peer(s): David Anderson, Benjamin Smedberg, Ben Turner
Source Dir(s): ipc/glue/, ipc/ipdl/, ipc/chromium/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::IPC
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Java APIs for DOM (#)
Description: APIs for Java access to the Document Object Model
Owner: Ashutosh Kulkarni
Source Dir(s): java/dom/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Java APIs for DOM
Discussion Group: dev-tech-dom,dev-tech-java
Name: Java APIs to WebShell (#)
Owner: Ed Burns
Peer(s): Ashutosh Kulkarni
Source Dir(s): java/webclient/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Java APIs to WebShell
Discussion Group: dev-tech-java,dev-embedding
Name: Java Stubs (#)
Description: OJI
Owner: Alfred Peng
Peer(s): Xiaobin Lu
Source Dir(s): modules/oji/, nav-java/, sun-java/
Discussion Group: dev-tech-java
Name: Java to XPCOM Bridge (#)
Owner: Javier Pedemont
Peer(s): Benjamin Smedberg
Source Dir(s): extensions/java
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Java to XPCOM Bridge
Discussion Group: dev-tech-xpcom,dev-tech-java
Name: Java Utility Classes (#)
Description: assert, debug, utilities, etc.
Owner: Ed Burns
Peer(s): Ashutosh Kulkarni
Source Dir(s): java/util/
Discussion Group: dev-tech-java
Name: Java-Implemented Plugins (#)
Description: Infrastructure for writing MIME content-handlers in Java.
Owner: Igor Kushnirskiy
Source Dir(s): java/plugins/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Java-Implemented Plugins
Discussion Group: dev-tech-java
Name: JavaScript (#)
Description: JavaScript engine (SpiderMonkey)
Owner: Jason Orendorff
Peer(s): David Anderson, Igor Bukanov, Brendan Eich, Andreas Gal, Bill McCloskey, Nick Nethercote, Luke Wagner, Jeff Walden, Eddy Bruel, Blake Kaplan, Jan de Mooij, Hannes Verschore, Kannan Vijayan, Niko Matsakis, Shu-yu Guo, Tom Schuster, Brian Hackett, Bobby Holley, Till Schneidereit
Source Dir(s): js/src
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::JavaScript Engine
Discussion Group: dev-tech-js-engine
Name: JavaScript JIT (#)
Description: JavaScript engine's JIT compilers (IonMonkey, Baseline)
Owner: Jan de Mooij
Peer(s): David Anderson, Shu-yu Guo, Brian Hackett, Nicolas Pierron, Marty Rosenberg, Tom Schuster, Sean Stangl, Hannes Verschore, Kannan Vijayan, Luke Wagner
Source Dir(s): js/src/jit
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::JavaScript Engine: JIT
Discussion Group: dev-tech-js-engine-internals
Name: JavaScript Debugger Backend (#)
Description: JavaScript debugging hooks
Owner: Josh 'timeless' Soref
Peer(s): Brendan Eich, Rob Ginda
Source Dir(s): js/jsd/
Bugzilla Component(s): Other Applications::Venkman JS Debugger
Discussion Group: dev-apps-js-debugger
Name: js-ctypes (#)
Description: A foreign function interface which allows privileged JS code to interact with binary code without using XPCOM/XPConnect.
Owner: Jason Orendorff
Peer(s): Benjamin Smedberg, Bobby Holley
Source Dir(s): js/src/ctypes/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::js-ctypes
Discussion Group: dev-tech-js-engine
Name: js-tests (#)
Description: JavaScript test suite
Owner: Bob Clary
Source Dir(s): js/tests/
Discussion Group: dev-tech-js-engine
Name: Layout Engine (#)
Description: rendering tree construction, layout (reflow), painting, etc.
Owner: David Baron
Peer(s): Robert O'Callahan, Boris Zbarsky, Simon Montagu, Daniel Holbert, Jonathan Kew, Timothy Nikkel, Matt Woodrow
Source Dir(s): layout/%, layout/base/, layout/build/, layout/doc/, layout/forms/, layout/generic/, layout/html/, layout/macbuild/, layout/printing/, layout/tables/, layout/tools/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Layout, Core::Layout: Block and Inline, Core::Layout: Floats, Core::Layout: Form Controls, Core::Layout: HTML Frames, Core::Layout: Images, Core::Layout: Misc Code, Core::Layout: R & A Pos, Core::Layout: Tables, Core::Layout: Text, Core::Layout: View Rendering
URL: ,
Discussion Group: dev-tech-layout
Name: libjar (#)
Description: The JAR handling code (protocol handler, stream implementation, and zipreader/zipwriter).
Owner: Taras Glek
Peer(s): Michael Wu
Source Dir(s): modules/libjar
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: MathML (#)
Description: MathML is a low-level specification for describing mathematics which provides a foundation for the inclusion of mathematical expressions in Web pages.
Owner: Karl Tomlinson
Peer(s): Robert O'Callahan
Source Dir(s): layout/mathml/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::MathML
Discussion Group: dev-tech-mathml
Name: mfbt (#)
Description: mfbt is a collection of headers, macros, data structures, methods, and other functionality available for use and reuse throughout all Mozilla code (including SpiderMonkey and Gecko more broadly).
Owner: Jeff Walden
Peer(s): Nathan Froyd, Ms2ger, Mike Hommey
Source Dir(s): mfbt/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::MFBT
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: mozApps API & UI (#)
Description: Implementation of the navigator.mozApps API
Owner: Fabrice Desré, Ehsan Akhgari
Peer(s): Myk Melez, Marco Castelluccio, Fernando Jiménez
Source Dir(s): dom/apps/, dom/interfaces/apps, product specific files implementing UI hooks.
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM: Apps
Discussion Group: dev-webapi
Name: mozilla-toplevel (#)
Description: The top level directory for the mozilla tree.
Owner: Brendan Eich
Source Dir(s): tools/README
Name: Necko (#)
Description: The Mozilla Networking Library
Owner: Patrick McManus
Peer(s): Christian Biesinger, Jason Duell, Honza Bambas, Michal Novotny, Nick Hurley, Steve Workman
Source Dir(s): netwerk/%, netwerk/base/, netwerk/build/, netwerk/cache/, netwerk/dns/, netwerk/locales/, netwerk/mime/, netwerk/protocol/, netwerk/resources/, netwerk/socket/, netwerk/streamconv/, netwerk/system/, netwerk/test/, netwerk/testserver/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Networking, Core::Networking: Cache, Core::Networking: Cookies, Core::Networking: FTP, Core::Networking: File, Core::Networking: HTTP, Core::Networking: JAR, Core::Networking: Websockets
Discussion Group: dev-tech-network
Name: NSPR (#)
Description: Netscape Portable Runtime
Owner: Nelson Bolyard, Wan-Teh Chang
Peer(s): Ted Mielczarek
Source Dir(s): nsprpub/
Bugzilla Component(s): NSPR
Discussion Group: dev-tech-nspr
Name: PDF (#)
Description: Rendering code to display documents encoded in the ISO 32000-1 `PDF' format.
Owner: Chris Jones, Andreas Gal
Peer(s): Artur Adib, Brendan Dahl, Vivien Nicolas
Source Dir(s): media/pdf/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::PDF
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Plugins (#)
Description: NPAPI Plugin support.
Owner: Josh Aas
Peer(s): Johnny Stenback, Robert O'Callahan, Benjamin Smedberg, Jim Mathies, John Schoenick
Source Dir(s): dom/plugins/, modules/plugin/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Java-Implemented Plugins, Core::Plug-ins
Name: Preferences (#)
Description: Preference library
Owner: vacant
Peer(s): Benjamin Smedberg
Source Dir(s): modules/libpref/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Preferences: Backend
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Privilege Manager (#)
Description: "caps"
Owner: Bobby Holley
Peer(s): Brendan Eich, Boris Zbarsky, Dan Veditz, Johnny Stenback
Source Dir(s): caps/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Security: CAPS
Discussion Group: dev-tech-dom
Name: Push Notifications (#)
Description: Push is a way for application developers to send messages to their web applications.
Owner: Doug Turner
Peer(s): Nikhil Marathe, Justin Lebar
Source Dir(s): dom/push
Name: PyXPCOM (#)
Description: The Python to XPCOM bridge.
Owner: Todd Whiteman
Peer(s): Mark Hammond
Source Dir(s): extension/python
Name: Qt-based gfx and widget (#)
Description: Qt-based rendering and widget code
Owner: Oleg Romashin
Peer(s): Wolfgang Rosenauer, Doug Turner
Source Dir(s): widget/qt/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Widget: Qt
Discussion Group: dev-tech-widget
Name: RDF (#)
Owner: Axel Hecht
Peer(s): Benjamin Smedberg
Source Dir(s): rdf/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::RDF
Discussion Group: dev-tech-rdf
Name: security (#)
Description: Crypto/PKI code, including NSS (Network Security Services) and JSS (NSS for Java)
Owner: Bob Relyea, Wan-Teh Chang
Peer(s): Elio Maldonado, Kai Engert, Ryan Sleevi
Source Dir(s): dbm/, security/coreconf/, security/dbm/, security/jss/, security/nss/, security/tinderbox/, security/tinderlight/
Bugzilla Component(s): NSS, JSS, Core::Security, Core::Security: S/MIME
Discussion Group: dev-tech-crypto
Name: Security - Mozilla PSM Glue (#)
Description: Personal Security Manager
Owner: David Keeler
Peer(s): Honza Bambas, Wan-Teh Chang
Source Dir(s): security/manager/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Security: PSM, Core::Security: UI
Discussion Group: dev-tech-crypto
Name: storage (#)
Description: Storage APIs with a SQLite backend
Owner: Marco Bonardo
Peer(s): Andrew Sutherland, Ben Turner
Source Dir(s): db/sqlite3/, storage/
Bugzilla Component(s): Toolkit::Storage, Core::SQL
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: String (#)
Owner: David Baron
Peer(s): Benjamin Smedberg, Justin Lebar
Source Dir(s): string/, xpcom/string/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::String
Discussion Group: dev-tech-xpcom
Name: Style System (#)
Description: CSS style sheet handling; style data computation
Owner: David Baron
Peer(s): Boris Zbarsky, Cameron McCormack
Source Dir(s): layout/style/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::CSS Parsing and Computation
Discussion Group: dev-tech-layout
Name: SVG (#)
Description: Scalable Vector Graphics
Owner: Jonathan Watt
Peer(s): Robert Longson, Robert O'Callahan, Daniel Holbert, Brian Birtles
Source Dir(s): content/svg/, layout/svg/, content/smil/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::SVG
Discussion Group: dev-tech-svg
Name: Tamarin (#)
Description: VM for ActionScript and JavaScript
Owner: Edwin Smith, Jeff Dyer
Peer(s): Brendan Eich, Steven Johnson, Erik Tierney, Tom Reilly
Source Dir(s): js/tamarin
Bugzilla Component(s): Tamarin
Discussion Group: dev-tech-js-engine
Name: Test Harness (#)
Description: In-tree test infrastructure and tools. Harnesses include, XPCShell, Mochitest (& Chrome), Reftest, JsREftest, Compiled Code Tests, Robocop, Mozmill and Marionette. Requests for new harnesses should go to Testing::General.
Owner: Ted Mielczarek
Peer(s): David Baron (reftest), Jeff Walden (httpd.js, jsreftest), Rob Campbell (mochitest, mochitest chrome, marionette), Joel Maher (reftest, mochitest, jsreftest), Clint Talbert (reftest, compiled code, mozmill), Geoff Brown (robocop), Henrik Skupin (mozmill), Malini Das (marionette), Jonathan Griffin (marionette), David Burns (marionette) Dan Minor
Source Dir(s): /testing
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing::General, Testing::Mochitest, Testing::Mochitest Chrome, Testing::Marionette, Testing::Mozmill, Testing::Reftest, Testing::XPCShell Harness, Testing::httpd.js
Discussion Group: dev-quality
Name: Testing Infrastructure (#)
Description: Testing tools and infrastructure for Mozilla projects, harnesses for automated tests, stand-alone test tools. Talos, Graph Server, Mozbase, Pulse, WOO, Bughunter, SUTAgent, Eideticker
Owner: Joel Maher
Peer(s): Bob Clary, Ben Hearsum, Chris Cooper, Clint Talbert, Robert Helmer, Joel Maher, Rob Campbell, William Lachance, Jonathan Eads, Jonathan Griffin, Bob Moss, Mark Côté
Source Dir(s): testing/, tools/httptester/, tools/page-loader/, tools/test-harness/, tools/tests/, tools/testserver/, tools/testy/
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing::Infrastructure
Discussion Group: dev-quality
Name: JS Marionette Harness and Tools (#)
Description: Test harness and associated tools for running marionette tests on NodeJS (submodule of Test Infrastructure)
Owner: James Lal <lightsofapollo>, Gareth Aye <gaye>
Peer(s): Ghislain "Aus" Lacroix <auswerk>, Mike Pennisi <jugglinmike>, Evan Tseng <evanxd>
Source Dir(s): These are all mozilla-b2g github repos: Marionette JS Runner, Mocha JSON Proxy, Mocha TBPL Reporter, Marionette JS Client, Sockit To Me, Marionette Apps, Marionette JS Logger, Marionette B2G Desktop Host, Marionette Firefox Host, Marionette Profile Builder, Mozilla Profile Builder
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing::JSMarionette
Discussion Group: dev-gaia
Name: XPCShell Test Harness (#)
Description: The XPCShell Harness
Owner: Ted Mielczarek
Peer(s): Joel Maher
Source Dir(s): testing/xpcshell
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing::XPCShell Harness
Name: Update Service (#)
Description: server code for Mozilla Update services (aus, addons, pfs)
Owner: Mike Morgan
Peer(s): Justin Scott, Mike Shaver, Will Clouser
Source Dir(s): webtools/addons/, webtools/aus/, webtools/update/
Bugzilla Component(s): AUS::Administration, AUS::Systems
Discussion Group: dev-amo
Name: View System (#)
Description: The View Manager is responsible for handling "heavyweight" rendering (some clipping, compositing) and event handling tasks.
Owner: Robert O'Callahan
Peer(s): Boris Zbarsky, David Baron
Source Dir(s): view/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Layout: View Rendering
Discussion Group: dev-tech-layout
Name: Web Audio (#)
Description: Support for the W3C Web Audio API specification.
Owner: Ehsan Akhgari
Peer(s): Robert O'Callahan, Paul Adenot
Source Dir(s): content/media/webaudio
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Web Audio
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: WebRTC (#)
Description: WebRTC is responsible for realtime audio and video communication, as well as related issues like low-level camera and microphone access (on desktop at least)
Owner: Randell Jesup
Peer(s): Eric Rescorla, Ethan Hugg, Tim Terriberry, Anant Narayanan
Source Dir(s): media/webrtc
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::WebRTC, Core::WebRTC (Audio/Video), Core::WebRTC (Networking), Core::WebRTC (Signaling)
Discussion Group: dev-media
Name: Widget (#)
Owner: Robert O'Callahan
Peer(s): Stuart Parmenter, Vladimir Vukicevic
Source Dir(s): widget/%, widget/public/, widget/%, widget/xpwidgets/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Drag and Drop, Core::Widget
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Widget - Android (#)
Description: The Android Port
Owner: Brad Lassey
Peer(s): James Willcox
Source Dir(s): widget/android/, embedding/android
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Widget: Android
Discussion Group: dev-platforms-mobile
Name: Widget - GTK (#)
Description: supported X widgetry and gfx
Owner: Robert O'Callahan
Peer(s): Karl Tomlinson
Source Dir(s): widget/gtk/, widget/gtk2/, widget/gtksuperwin/, widget/gtkxtbin/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Widget: Gtk
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Widget - OS X (#)
Description: Gecko's OS X compatibility layer.
Owner: Steven Michaud
Peer(s): Josh Aas, Markus Stange, Benoit Girard, Stephen Pohl
Source Dir(s): widget/cocoa/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Widget: Cocoa
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Widget - Windows (#)
Description: Windows widgets and desktop integration
Owner: Jim Mathies
Peer(s): Brad Lassey, Brian Bondy, Christian Biesinger, Doug Turner, Neil Rashbrook, Rob Arnold, Josh 'timeless' Soref, Vladimir Vukicevic
Source Dir(s): widget/windows/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Widget: Win32
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: XBL (#)
Description: eXtensible Binding Language
Owner: Boris Zbarsky, Jonas Sicking
Peer(s): Blake Kaplan, Bobby Holley
Source Dir(s): content/xbl/%, content/xbl/public/, content/xbl/src/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XBL
Discussion Group: dev-tech-xbl
Name: XML (#)
Description: XML in Mozilla, including XML, XHTML, Namespaces in XML, Associating Style Sheets with XML Documents, XML Linking and XML Extras. XML-related things that are not covered by more specific projects.
Owner: Peter Van der Beken
Peer(s): Boris Zbarsky, Jonas Sicking, Johnny Stenback
Source Dir(s): content/xml/, extensions/xmlextras/, parser/expat/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XML
Discussion Group: dev-tech-xml
Name: XPApps (#)
Description: Cross-Platform Applications, mostly Navigator front end and application shell.
Owner: Neil Rashbrook
Peer(s): Dean Tessman, Peter Annema, Josh 'timeless' Soref
Source Dir(s): xpfe/
Discussion Group: dev-apps-seamonkey
Name: XPCOM (#)
Description: The cross-platform object model and core data structures.
Owner: Benjamin Smedberg
Peer(s): Doug Turner, Nathan Froyd
Source Dir(s): startupcache/, xpcom/%, xpcom/base/, xpcom/build/, xpcom/components/, xpcom/ds/, xpcom/glue/, xpcom/proxy/, xpcom/sample/, xpcom/stub/, xpcom/tests/, xpcom/threads/, xpcom/tools/, xpcom/windbgdlg/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XPCOM
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: XPConnect (#)
Description: Deep Magic
Owner: Bobby Holley
Peer(s): Boris Zbarsky, Andreas Gal, Johnny Stenback, Peter Van der Beken, Blake Kaplan, Gabor Krizsanits
Source Dir(s): js/xpconnect/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XPConnect
Name: XPIDL (#)
Description: Cross-platform IDL compiler; produces .h C++ header files and .xpt runtime type description files from .idl interface description files.
Owner: Kyle Huey
Peer(s): Mike Shaver, Josh 'timeless' Soref
Source Dir(s): xpcom/typelib/
Discussion Group: dev-tech-xpcom
Name: XPInstall (#)
Owner: Dan Veditz
Peer(s): Benjamin Smedberg
Source Dir(s): xpinstall/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Installer: XPInstall Engine
Discussion Group: dev-tech-xpinstall
Name: xptcall (#)
Description: XPTCall - platform-specific assembly for calling and implementing arbitrary XPCOM interfaces.
Owner: Josh 'timeless' Soref
Peer(s): Benjamin Smedberg, Mike Shaver
Source Dir(s): xpcom/reflect/xptcall/
Discussion Group: dev-xpcom
Name: XPToolkit (#)
Description: Cross-platform user interface toolkit
Peer(s): Boris Zbarsky, Dave Hyatt, Peter Annema, Jan Varga
Source Dir(s): content/xul/, layout/xul/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XP Toolkit/Widgets: Menus, Core::XP Toolkit/Widgets: XUL
Discussion Group: dev-tech-xul
Name: XSLT Processor (#)
Description: XSLT transformations processor
Owner: Peter Van der Beken
Peer(s): Axel Hecht, Jonas Sicking
Source Dir(s): content/xslt/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XSLT
Discussion Group: dev-tech-xslt
Name: XTF (#)
Description: eXtensible Tag Framework
Peer(s):, Boris Zbarsky, Jonas Sicking
Source Dir(s): content/xtf/, layout/xtf/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XTF
Discussion Group: dev-tech-xbl
Name: Sandboxing - Windows (#)
Description: Sandboxing for the Windows platform
Owner: Tim Abraldes
Peer(s): Bob Owen Brian Bondy Aaron Klotz
Source Dir(s): security/sandbox/win
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Security
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Sandboxing - OSX (#)
Description: Sandboxing for the OSX platform
Owner: Steven Michaud
Peer(s): Andre Reinald
Source Dir(s): security/sandbox/mac
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Security
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Sandboxing - Linux & B2G (#)
Description: Sandboxing for the Linux & B2G platforms
Owner: Jed Davis
Peer(s): Guillaume Destuynder
Source Dir(s): security/sandbox/linux
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Security
Discussion Group: dev-platform

[edit] Submodules

Name: Build Config - Fennec (#)
Description: Submodule of the build config covering Fennec's build system in mobile/android.
Owner: Gregory Szorc
Peer(s): Same as Build Config plus Nicholas Alexander.
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Build Config
Discussion Group: dev-builds

[edit] Unassigned Bugzilla Components

The following Bugzilla components in the Core project have not been assigned to a module (this list is not exhaustive):

Core::Event Handling
Core::File Handling
Core::Find Backend
Core::Gecko Profiler
Core::HTML: Form Submission
Core::History: Global
Core::Image Blocking
Core::JavaScript Debugging APIs
Core::Networking: Domain Lists
Core::Print Preview
Core::Printing: Output
Core::Printing: Setup
Core::Profile: BackEnd
Core::Profile: Migration
Core::Profile: Roaming
Core::QuickLaunch (AKA turbo mode)
Core::Rewriting and Analysis
Core::Spelling checker
Core::Web Services
Core::Widget: OS/2
Core::Widget: Photon





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