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f-22.jpgHello, I have no clue as what to write here so far, so bear with me as I attempt to talk about myself.

I am 16 and love to design websites. I've been creating websites for about 3 years now. I am self taught, have not taken any classes, and I like to help everyone else learn a little something about coding. I've also done some C# (C Sharp) code, but decided that I like the internet better.


To-do/Planned stuff

Here are some things I plan to do or want to do soon:

  • Think of a new big website idea. :D
  • Get a friend on the Mozilla Developer Network
  • Get recognized on a Wiki Wednesday
  • Help someone in forums solve a problem
  • Get to know many of the Mozilla staff who have created the best browser ever :)

Contact Info


AIM: marinefloridian

Yahoo!: marinefloridian32137

IRC: Minnow990 - I will be on #devmo very often from this point on.