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<h2 id="MAITREY_PATEL"><a href="" title="">MAITREY PATEL</a></h2>
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Currently working on freeware product "<h4><strong>Facebook Chat</strong></h4>".
<p>This is a desktop application which has rich user interface, encrypted chat.</p>
<p>Notifications for online/offline friends.</p>
<p>Over 100 Smilies. And many more....</p>
<h3 id="Download_from_here"><strong><a href="" title="">Download from here</a></strong></h3>
<p><a href=";subj=dl&amp;tag=button"><img align="middle" alt="Get it from CNET!" border="0" height="60" src="" width="150" /></a></p>
<h3 id="Direct_Link"><strong><a href="" title="">Direct Link</a></strong></h3>
<p>Contact me @ <a class="link-mailto" href="" title=""></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
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