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    Contributed documentation

    I have been contributing to the following pages:

    Bug reports and requests for enhancement

    Here are some of the Mozilla bugs/requests for enhancement I've filled, that I'm following or for which I have provided patches:

    • bug 671290 : Implement assertion methods to support arrays (and other objects)
    • bug 568978: Need assertEquals support for arrays in JUM module
    • bug 650777: Add support to turn on/off the add-ons toolbar
    • bug 570493: fidesfit-client tests initial landing
    • bug 599292: Make single pref and commandline flag to enable developer stuff, to easily set preferences like browser.dom.window.dump.enabled
    • bug 660069: Provide an "id" for the sidebar close button XUL element
    • bug 560181: Make it possible to copy paste the notificationbox content
    • bug 439323: sizeToContent() not always working
    • bug 320831: Expose visit ID in result nodes
    • bug 496653 Command line option --class <WM_CLASS> does not work
    • bug 596211: [Linux] Wrong initial position for panel[noautohide="true"]

    Unit and functional tests

    Building applications without tests is a pain. Hopefully there are now usable tools to achieve that for Mozilla addons/extensions, such as Mozmill and UxU. Mozmill is not that easy to use at the beginning (the difficult part is to get how to retrieve the GUI elements references and there is also the recorder that produces a code-that-would-never-run-but-to-treat-as-an-example-to-get-elements-references) but once used to it, it's quite powerful.

    What I miss in Mozmill

    All the text below may be totally out of date since Mozmill has had much improvements since the time of this writing.

    Mozmill would be easier to use with those little suggestions that I gather while I'm using it.

    Textbox blanking method

    A new method in the Mozmill Controller Object to blank a textbox, without having to use the controller keypress method with 'VK_BACK_SPACE' for each letter would be much welcome.

    The keypress method is effective only on the input of the textfield element, which is impossible to get through the element id, one has to resort to use a mochi path. That's why this new blanking method should be given the textfield element, just like the type method.

    See Bug 568961 - Need a function to clear a textbox

    Retrieving values from filesystem files

    It would be great to have an helper method to set some passwords in the login manager before browser window loads :

    • bug 568943 : [RFE] Set some passwords in the login manager before browser window loads
    • bug 568943 : Add possibility to load account information from local files for restricted tests

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