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    My name in Jim Logan. I am new to developing extensions for Firefox and Thunderbird and would like to make doing so easier for myself and others.

    Right now (August, 2009) developing an extension if a very painful experience. In fact, the first page Google gave me, in response to my search for "how to write a thunderbird extension", was a bitter journey someone else wrote about how painful it is to write an extension.

    You can contact me through LinkedIn. You can read my sparse blog at If you're smart, you can figure out my gmail address. :-)



    Things I Can't Get Working

    • dump()
    • when I reply to a message, the composition window's load event fires before the HTML DOM exists

     lol ^_^

    dont know that u have hps! nice ideas! but it will  need some time + support. there over%over error- any i come back later - cu have fun!

         lg melissa

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