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Test stuff

Embed stuff

Source code

Output result
{{ embed_text("polygon.svg", "xml") }} {{ GrooveEmbedSVG("polygon.svg",120,120) }}

» polygon.svg


Table stuff

table 1
sort 2
this 3

Definition Stuff

BrowserID is another name for Persona.

Dfn denotes a term defined inside a p or section element.



django 1.4.5!

Testing email notification on new smtp server.

Revision Source

<h2 id="Test_stuff">Test stuff</h2>
<h3 id="Embed_stuff">Embed stuff</h3>
<table class="standard-table">
      <th scope="col">
        <p>Source code</p>
      <th scope="col">Output result</th>
      <td>{{ embed_text("polygon.svg", "xml") }}</td>
      <td>{{ GrooveEmbedSVG("polygon.svg",120,120) }}</td>
<p>» <a href="" title="">polygon.svg</a></p>
<div style="width:expression(alert('xss'))">
<div style="width:expression(alert('xss'))">
  <img alt="" src="/files/4623/polygon.svg" style="width: 120px; height: 120px;" /></div>
<div style="width:expression(alert('xss'))">
<h3 id="Table_stuff" style="width:expression(alert('xss'))">Table stuff</h3>
<div style="width:expression(alert('xss'))">
<h3 id="Definition_Stuff">Definition Stuff</h3>
    <dfn>BrowserID</dfn> is another name for <a href="" title="">Persona</a>.</dd>
<p><dfn>Dfn</dfn> denotes a term defined inside a p or section element.</p>
<section id="sect1">
  <p><img alt="xss" src="/files/4457/luke_headshot_small.png" style="width: 128px; height: 123px;" /></p>
<p>django 1.4.5!</p>
<p>Testing email notification on new smtp server.</p>
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