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    David Bruant's blog on MDN.

    Everything written under only reflects my opinion. Not Mozilla's. Not MDN's.


    I already have a Wordpress blog. But I have a couple of issues with it.

    • The theme is awful, I don't feel like searching or paying for a good one. I don't feel customizing one. Mostly because I'm not a visual designer and that would require me to learn this new skill which isn't mine. That would require me to work with CSS which I'm not a big fan of (though, I probably could decide to use the newest features).
      • MDN has decent readability properties. I'll benefit for free of the upcoming redesign.
    • A major MDN use case is exposing code snippets. It's possible with wordpress, but it's not good. Doing something I like would require tweaking Wordpress which I don't feel like doing. I'd prefer contributing to Kuma.


    Last Invincible in Bordeaux

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