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<p>This is my TODO-list of pages i want to change, improve. Feel free to add items (especially in JavaScript and DOM)</p> <h2>JavaScript</h2>
<ul> <li>Do a page like <a href="/User:FreakCERS" title="User:FreakCERS">this one</a> but for JavaScript features.</li> <li>Document <a class=" link-https" href="!/kangax/status/93807138975137793">this</a></li>
</ul> <h2>DOM</h2> <h2>Other JS technologies</h2> <h2>Other</h2>
<ul> <li><a href="/User:dbruant/Buzzwords_Explained" title="User:dbruant/Buzzwords_Explained">Page on Buzzwords and what they really mean.</a></li>
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