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    This is my TODO-list of pages i want to change, improve. Feel free to add items (especially in JavaScript and DOM)


    • Document this (The examples now work in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. Though you still cannot pass a string object for example --BYK)
    • Array: make it awesome. Maybe separate the Array built-in and the array instances. Maybe follow ES5.1 sectionning style because it makes sense. Write a note for PHP devs.
    • Object.defineProperty: talk about configurable more in details and program robusteness, invariants, etc.
    • `constructor` and `prototype` enumeration inconsistencies¬†
    • Write something to explain that there are no method in JS, just [[Get]]+[[Call]]


    • Write a page to describe basic JavaScript data structure. See Map and Set bug for related discussion


    • window.onunload. Explain the unload semantics
    • Maybe ask to stop on-* pages and ask to rather have dom event pages. One not somewhere could explain how to attach event handlers.
    • document.querySelectorAll: cleanup. say NodeLists aren't live, because it'd be impossible to implement or terrible performance-wise.
    • NodeList & HTMLCollection. Add a section on why they look like arrays but are not (and can't use array extras on it). Talk more about liveness maybe.
    • document.cookie: talk about cookie theft, cleanup. Maybe try to discuss ow to prevent it with some ES5 magics (needs an instance of IE9-10).
    • Not sure what to do with this page
    • element.addEventListener: improve
    • event.relatedTarget drag and drop events are standard since HTML5. Investigate relatedTarget semantics for the different drag events.
    • Improve Creating_and_triggering_custom_events. Talk about CustomEvent (add browser support for this feature as well(FF version: 6)). Discuss usefulness of CustomEvents
    • make sure there is a page explaining event propagation models (create one if not). Add linnks to that page from stop{immediate}propagation
    • Encourage people to stop using and writeln
    • Get DOMContentLoaded out of and maybe rearrange this page
    • Improve
    • Document event propagation properly (IE8 model as well) instead of just
    • Improve
    • Improve and document HTML5 resource fetching.
    • Document!/LeaVerou/stat...21232360742912
    • Write
    • Not Mozilla-specific. HTML5.
      • compat table
      • Try to shim defer/async if any useful
    • Write about Window and WindowProxy
    • Write about (the current MDN page is too long and too complicated)
    • Write about (based on HTML5)
    • document Transferable objects
    • alert/prompt, etc.
    • Investigate the relationship between a@download and HTTP header Content-Disposition. Whatwg stuff
    • For video/audio/media, document progressevents, etc.
    • Document behavior of bug 483304 (cross-browser inconsistency)

    Other JS technologies

    • frames. apparently window !== frames on IE8 or something. Investigate & document
    • setTimeout: add a note on the fact that integers are returned as identifers which could be a security issue in cases. show how to have a safe setTimeout/clearTimeout pair. Add a full section on "fast setTimeout 0"
    • Make something out of this advice


    • display: document table-related values.
    • Bring to MDN some sort of "definite CSS positionning guide", because this is fucking difficult!
    • z-index



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