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User: Chris West (cwest)

I am currently a JavaScript Engineer working for Monetate.  Prior to this I worked for UniTek Global Services as a Developer (PHP & Java) and DBA (PostgreSQL).

jPaq - Fully Customizable JavaScript/JScript Library

I recently created a new library called jPaq.  I created this library to establish an easy way for web developers to download the cross-browser code that they need.  The big difference between jPaq and other JavaScript libraries is the fact that you you can download your own build that only contains the object, classes, and functions that you need.  Unlike its predecessor JXtension, jPaq is designed to supplement other JavaScript libraries, not replace them.  The other advantage that this library has over its predecessor is the fact that jPaq is fully documented on the web.  Lastly, if you like to use Visual Studio 2008 or higher to develop your applications, you can reference the VS-Doc version of your build to see the IntelliSense information for jPaq.

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