About Me

I'm Jeff Walden.  In the past I worked on the help documentation viewer in Firefox, and I wrote user documentation.  These days I work on SpiderMonkey implementing ECMAScript 5 functionality, fixing bugs, keeping JavaScript reference documentation in reasonable shape and adding more as new functionality is implemented, and making things faster.  I've also done other random stuff in a variety of other places in the past, and as time permits I continue to do so now and in the future: networking code, layout, the DOM, test harnesses, character encoding, jar file reading, Firefox front-end hacking, and so on.  (You might think of me as a perennial dabbler: the more code I've touched, the more I know, and the better I get at hacking code.)  I also wrote an HTTP server in JavaScript (used in many Mozilla test suites and frameworks).

Contact Me

  • Email - jwalden at mit dot edu