Notes for reviewers of patches affecting Localizations

  • Do all strings have names with good descriptions?
  • Does any string contain a value for replacement?
    • If yes, then has the string got an associated Localisation Note that explains the replacement and the values?
    • If there are multiple replacements have the replacements all got numbers associated with them?
      • e.g. "First argument %1$S, second argument %2$u" rather than "First argument %S, second argument %u"
    • Are any replacement values numerical?
  • If an existing string is being changed, has the string id also been changed?
    • This is required so that localisations will pick up on the changes being made.

Send In Background

Some notes whilst I develop this function in bug 440794

Pref: mailnews.sendInBackground, currently false by default. Needs restart to take effect.

When set, messages will be saved into the outbox and then sent after a time interval (not changable, perhaps needs config).

Messages in the outbox will automatically be sent ONLY if they do not have the Queued flag. This enables Send Later to work in the current fashion and extensions to avoid the automated send.

New listener APIs in nsIMsgSendLaterListener and new APIs in nsIMsgSendLater.

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