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  • SomeTerm {{FirefoxVersionIndicator(0, 21, "This is my custom message.")}}
  • AnotherTerm {{FirefoxVersionIndicator(0, 22)}}
  • OldTerm {{FirefoxVersionIndicator(0, 12)}}

{{FirefoxVersionIndicator(2, 23, "This is the custom message.")}}

{{FirefoxVersionIndicator(2, 18, "Another custom message.")}}

{{MozillaOnly("Firefox", "This is just a message.")}}

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  <li>SomeTerm {{FirefoxVersionIndicator(0, 21, "This is my custom message.")}}</li>
  <li>AnotherTerm {{FirefoxVersionIndicator(0, 22)}}</li>
  <li>OldTerm {{FirefoxVersionIndicator(0, 12)}}</li>
<p>{{FirefoxVersionIndicator(2, 23, "This is the custom message.")}}</p>
<p>{{FirefoxVersionIndicator(2, 18, "Another custom message.")}}</p>
<p>{{MozillaOnly("Firefox", "This is just a message.")}}</p>
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