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New bug: {{bugtest(676380)}}

Fixed bug: {{bugtest(772950)}}

Secure bug: {{bugtest(852848)}}

Nonexistent bug: {{bugtest(9999999)}}

Item 1
Blah blah
Item 2 {{NonStandardBadge}}
ZOMG don't use this!

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<p>New bug: {{bugtest(676380)}}</p>
<p>Fixed bug: {{bugtest(772950)}}</p>
<p>Secure bug: {{bugtest(852848)}}</p>
<p>Nonexistent bug: {{bugtest(9999999)}}</p>
    Item 1</dt>
    Blah blah</dd>
    Item 2 {{NonStandardBadge}}</dt>
    ZOMG don't use this!</dd>
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