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    Welcome to the documentation wiki Mozilla Developer Network (MDN). Here you'll find documentation about the open Web, Web app development, and Mozilla technologies such as Firefox OS, the Gecko engine, and more. Please feel free to browse or search to find what you need. If you'd like to contribute to our content, you can do that as well!

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    Open Web application development
    Complete documentation for building applications that run in any standard Web browser on both desktop and mobile devices as well as on Firefox OS.
    Web technology documentation
    Everything you need to know about the open Web, from HTML and CSS to JavaScript and beyond.
    The JavaScript programming language
    The Web's best documentation about JavaScript, the language that powers the open Web.
    Mozilla technology documentation
    Documentation of all Mozilla technologies, including Gecko, XUL, and XPCOM. These documents are useful for Firefox add-on developers as well as people building Firefox itself -- or using Mozilla code in their own projects.
    Ensuring that your Web content or Web application is usable by people with disabilities is important both to allow the largest possible number of people to use your content and to comply with regulations. Browse our documentation about accessibility here.
    Building secure Web content and ensuring that user data is transmitted safely is of paramount importance when developing for the Web. This content will help you do that.
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