MindTouch Deki bug priorities

This is a list of bugs I've filed with MindTouch for things I consider "must fix" issues to make Deki ideally suited to our needs, listed in order of urgency.

  1. Need to be able to make main page read-only without affecting new pages' permissionsThis may be evolving into a more traditional "lock this page" feature, which I love the idea of.
  2. Add the ability to disable comments on a page-by-page basis. This is now an urgent item.
  3. Searches are including languages other than the one you specify in the results. This is making life extremely difficult, and our localizers are in some cases refusing to do anything until this is fixed, so it's pretty urgent. It makes our search essentially worthless. This was supposedly fixed a while back but is not. I've filed a new bug report, linked here.
  4. Return 404 errors for nonexistent pages. We need to stop feeding bogus URLs to search engines.
  5. Make side-by-side diff view only show changes. Currently this view shows the entire article, making it hard to spot changes. MindTouch fixed this for RSS feeds but has not yet for the web site's presentation.
  6. Slow or non-responsive databases can leave the wiki non-functional even after the database is restored. There is currently no estimate on when this will be addressed.
  7. Deki should support read-only database slaves. This would let us improve performance by load-balancing reads across multiple databases while keeping the databases in sync by only writing to one.
  8. Non-English content is marked up with xml:lang set to "en-us".
  9. Add the ability to filter Popular Pages by language.
  10. Add ability to include comments on file deletions. Being able to explain why files have been deleted (usually for policy violations) would be helpful.
  11. Add "previous edit" and "next edit" links to diff pages. This would improve the ease of navigating while perusing through the history of an article.
  12. Need to be able to preview articles before saving changes.
  13. Add an option to predefine a set of tags and only allow those to be used. This is not currently scheduled.
  14. Need a "linked changes" toolWe should be able to write something for this in DekiScript.
  15. Link editor window needs work. The link editor has improved somewhat but still needs more work.
  16. Add support for HTML 5 offline application based caching. This would improve performance by letting skin files, JavaScript, etc be cached locally on the user's system.
  17. The "what links here" tool doesn't consider includes when used on template pages.