Migrating to Deki


  • April 21: New hardware for MDC is to be set up by this date.
  • April 28: New MDC staged on that hardware; this will be the latest build of Deki Wiki with a copy of the database translated into it.
  • May 5: Load testing of new MDC to be complete by this date.
  • May 19: Performance revisions and tweaks to be complete.
  • June 3: New MDC deployed.

To-do list

Make sure all our localizations are represented in the Deki code base.
Ideally, our localizer teams will volunteer to help MindTouch implement support for more localizations.
Chinese: Need to make sure there are satisfactory translations for both traditional and simplified Chinese.
Korean: Make sure this user-contributed translation is good.
The following languages are user-contributed and should be verified: Catalán and Czech.
Skin the site to look Mozilla-like.
MindTouch is doing the conversion of our data to Deki format, and is updating Deki with many features we need, but we will be responsible for the skinning of the site -- although MindTouch has someone available to provide mentoring and help with that.
We need to do significant spot-checking of the converted content to ensure that everything's working well.
Anything that's broken, we need to either fix Deki to work right for that case or change how we do things in the wiki, depending on the circumstances. Ideally everything should "just work."
Support for select MediaWiki formatting
It would be extremely helpful if we could use the bracket notation supported by MediaWiki for creating links. If this isn't something that's already supported or planned, it's something we should try to get.

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