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Draft outline for a reorganized MDN user guide

  • Introduction to MDN
    • What MDN is
    • Our mission
    • Ways to help
  • Using MDN
    • Organization guide
    • Finding content
    • Reporting problems
  • New contributor guide
    • Don't be afraid
    • Creating an account
    • Editing an existing page
    • Creating new pages
  • Contributing to MDN
    • Ways to contribute
      • Report bugs/missing content
      • Fix errors
      • Update content
        • Technical reviews
        • Editorial reviews
      • Write new articles
      • Add code samples
    • Using the MDN editor
    • MDN style guide
    • Using the live sample system

Revision Source

<p>Draft outline for a reorganized MDN user guide</p>
  <li>Introduction to MDN
      <li>What MDN is</li>
      <li>Our mission</li>
      <li>Ways to help</li>
  <li>Using MDN
      <li>Organization guide</li>
      <li>Finding content</li>
      <li>Reporting problems</li>
  <li>New contributor guide
      <li>Don't be afraid</li>
      <li>Creating an account</li>
      <li>Editing an existing page</li>
      <li>Creating new pages</li>
  <li>Contributing to MDN
      <li>Ways to contribute
          <li>Report bugs/missing content</li>
          <li>Fix errors</li>
          <li>Update content
              <li>Technical reviews</li>
              <li>Editorial reviews</li>
          <li>Write new articles</li>
          <li>Add code samples</li>
      <li>Using the MDN editor</li>
      <li>MDN style guide</li>
      <li>Using the live sample system</li>
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