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This page serves as a sounding board for translation and localization work being done on documentation on MDC. Please feel to discuss on the Talk page. Everyone working on documentation should help us figure out ways to improve our processes for ensuring that all our translations are of the highest quality.

Key translations

While we have a wide number of translations under way, our "tier one" translations, which we would particularly like to have current at the point of any new Firefox release, are:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Spanish

Active translations

We need to identify the most active and best-maintained translations, as well as those that need additional help.

We also need to find ways to actually help those translations that need additional help.

We need to gather and maintain a list of the active translations, including the following information:

  • Who leads each localization?
  • How active is it?
  • What content is already localized and what needs most to be done?

Translation teams need to maintain the localization project team list.


Should we survey the developer community to get their insights into what of urgency is most desperately needed to be translated into their language?

Firefox 3 goals

My inclination is not to set specific goals for translation of Firefox 3 documentation, but instead to establish a plan for ensuring that the documentation is translated as quickly as possible. I'd like to hear opinions on this.

We should select the most important documents and make sure that each of the tier one languages has at least those translated.


Are there tools or utilities that will help us get translations done, done well, and done accurately?

  • Can we find a way to automatically tag translated pages as requiring updates when the English version is updated?
  • It would be helpful to have a tool or process for letting writers for other languages know when technical errors are corrected in the translated documentation as well.
  • Let's make good use of the statistics tool available through MDC Japan.

Tracking changes across localizations

Maybe we can take advantage of the ability to have emails sent by MediaWiki when articles are changed. Have messages sent to a mailbox that is monitored by a bot that takes that information and creates lists of articles that need to be checked in each language.

I'm going to do a little exploring into this possibility. Maybe we'll find a better way, but so far I can't tell what it would be.

OK, after doing some research on this, I've found that I can't get the change list emails to actually be sent. Sancus is now looking into writing us a tool that would watch the RSS feeds and generate lists of changes pages across all localizations, for starters.

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