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Ideas for a doc bug tracking web app

It could be useful to have a web app for tracking doc bugs. It could pull in from Bugzilla information about bugs marked dev-doc-needed and dev-doc-complete, but have its own database to track additional metadata, including who's working on the documentation and doc priority and status information. This would also help reduce cluttering of the bug with doc-related stuff.

Let's work on a design here and see what we come up with.

Data to store

For each bug ID, we can maintain additional information about the bug:

  • Documentation priority (High, Low, Medium, Unknown).
  • Lead writer (should this be an account on the web app with username, email address, real name? or maybe just a Bugzilla username)
  • Notes
  • Documentation URLs (an array of them, pointing to the docs affected)
  • Category (Open Web, Add-ons, Developing Mozilla,... - Sort the large amount of bugs by category so that contributors can pick something in their area of interest) --Elchi3

Anything else?

User interface

Maybe a tabbed interface with a tab each for not-yet-resolved dev-doc-needed bugs, resolved dev-doc-needed bugs, and dev-doc-complete bugs. These would be presented as a table showing bug number, bug owner, documentation owner, bug summary, and documentation priority.

Bug details display

When you expand a bug, you should get a panel that would show all the info on the bug that's relevant to documentation:

  • Summary
  • Assigned to
  • Comments
  • Checkin information? (details on what info we need to present need to be decided on)

Buttons would be provided to add a comment or send email to the bug's owner. Also, fields would let you set documentation priority, assign the bug to a writer, and edit documentation related notes. Also, an editor for adding and removing URLs of documents affected by the change should be available.

Also, there should be a button to mark a bug as documentation complete. This would submit a comment along with the list of affected URLs to the bug on Bugzilla and set the bug's keyword to dev-doc-complete.

Statistics display

Eventually, we could provide a display that would show how many bugs have been fixed and created since a given date, to let you track how we're doing. Could use some details here on what sorts of statistics would be useful to track.

Bug lists to tap into

--Elchi3 12 December 2010

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