Ideas for MDC features

Deki is a rich platform for developing applications based on its database, and we're not yet taking advantage of all the possibilities.  Here's a place to brainstorm about things that we could be doing using extensions.

  • Integration with blogs
    • Searches should work across both MDC and the devmo and web-tech blogs.
    • Some form of automation for converting blog posts into MDC articles?
    • How about a way for bloggers to easily locate articles that might be relevant "see also" mentions in their posts?
  • Integration with Bugzilla
    • Ability to show bugs related to a topic area
    • Ability to display bug statistics for releases
  • Automatic tracking of tasks that need to be done
    • Lists of missing articles, both overall and in categories?
    • Articles that need technical review.
    • Articles that need editorial review.
    • Articles that need translating or updates to their translations.
  • Matching of contributors with needed content
    • Maybe offer a questionnaire that contributors can fill out specifying their areas of interest and expertise.
    • Use that information to suggest articles that need technical review or writing from scratch that might interest the contributor.
  • Metrics to help us better coordinate with the community and improve documentation evangelism
    • How many contributors per language?
    • What kinds of material are contributed by Mozilla employees as compared to volunteers?
  • Performance improvements
    • Use offline resources to cache skin and script files to improve site performance.
  • Improved offline availability
    • Custom "books" by selecting articles and batch downloading them as a PDF or set of HTML files?
  • Encouraging contributions
    • How about implementing a Warcraft-like system of achievements to make contributing more fun?
      • Stuff like "first contribution," "fifth contribution," etc.
      • "Fixed a doc bug"
      • Someone voted your article up
      • Maybe badges for different cool things you did
      • That kind of thing
    • Similarly, how about a system of documentation "quests" to make things more interesting
    • Could offer a dashboard to let people show off their contributions
  • Offer a page that lets contributors see what sorts of failed searches so they can find topics to address
  • A page that lists, say, 10 random articles to check each week, or a feed that does a daily "take a look at this article".
  • Offer a way for comments on articles to include metadata such as "this should be migrated into the main article."
  • XUL samples could be displayed live in-page using an iframe.
  • Improved discoverability
    • Contributors need a way to easily locate subject-matter experts for topics, so they can ask questions while writing content.
    • Update main page to be less cluttered and more a guide to how to find what you need.
    • Move articles around to put them into a proper hierarchy for better organization and discoverability.
    • <strike>Add a widget to each article that offers links to appropriate IRC channels for discussing that article's content. </strike>
      • <strike>Can do this using the article's tags; for example, articles tagged with "XUL" would point at #xul, articles tagged with "Extensions" would point at #extdev, articles tagged with "JavaScript" would point at #js, and so forth.</strike>

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