Deki skinning project

Basic ideas

  • Needs to fit in well with the look & feel of the web site
  • Should keep things fairly simple though
  • Needs to be fast to load
  • Needs to have the new Deki breadcrumbs supported; all pages should display breadcrumbs at the top (and possibly also the bottom, depending on how that looks and works)
  • Needs to work with the Jay Cooke release of DekiWiki
  • Should not have the article list sidebar

Things to explore

  • Where will we put language links?

Look and feel

I like the way the "mdc" skin we have for MediaWiki looks; it's very simple and practical. Here's a screenshot:


The only problems I have with this skin are the random sizes the "Edit" links on sections seem to be.

We don't need to stick with a look just like this; this is just an example of the kind of simple readability that would be nice.

Development notes

  • We can set up a VM hosting the wiki so that there's a system for development and testing work.
  • The wiki will be deployed on RHEL 5.

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