SheppyFaceNew.jpgI'm Eric Shepherd, senior staff writer at Mozilla, and I'm here to help make sure all the documentation on MDN is clear, easy to read, and well organized. And to write some cool technical documentation and samples myself, of course.

If you could use help with readability of articles, or would like something proofread, please feel free to ask. 


Ideas for a doc bug tracking web app
It could be useful to have a web app for tracking doc bugs. It could pull in from Bugzilla information about bugs marked dev-doc-needed and dev-doc-complete, but have its own database to track additional metadata, including who's working on the documentation and doc priority and status information.
Content tagging project
A list of content areas that need special tagging attention, including specific tags to be applied.
Testing jQuery UI stuff
We have some plans to use jQuery UI for some stuff on MDC soon; this page is where I'll be testing it once it's installed.
MDC roadmap
Rough outline of schedule and priorities for work to be done on MDC's infrastructure and organization.
MindTouch Deki bug priorities
Bugs I've filed with MindTouch that I'd like to see fixed soonest.
MDC unit testing
Sketch of things to include in unit tests of MDC.
Ideas for MDC features
Things we'd like to do on MDC.
Migrating to Deki
List of things that need to be done before we finish the migration to Deki.
MDC localization and translation
Sounding board for translation of MDC documentation; finding ways to improve our processes and quality.
Thunderbird documentation list
Let's get organized so we can make some great developer documentation for Thunderbird!
Sheppy's to-do list
All the stuff I mean to do eventually.
User:Sheppy:Deki skinning project
Thoughts and ideas regarding the Deki skin for MDC.
MDC upgrade ideas


Test list

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Contact Info

Email: eshepherd at mozilla dot com
IRC: sheppy. You'll often find me in #devmo, among others.