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<h3 name="my_blog">my blog</h3>
<p> (fr)
<h3 name="My_extension">My extension</h3>
<h4 name="blogmark">blogmark</h4>
<p>The blogmark extension <a class="external" href=";application=firefox"> helps to add a bookmark in
</a></p><a class="external" href=";application=firefox">
<h5 name="Changelog">Changelog</h5>
<ul><li>Version 1.4
<ul><li> 2 new buttons for the toolbar (see public marks and my marks)
</li><li>Version 1.3
<ul><li> Icon added to the context menu item
</li><li> New tool button available. Right-click on your toolbar and select "Customize..." to use it
</li><li> New "Blogmark This Page..." added in the main browser menu (in section"Bookmarks")
</li><li>Version 1.2
<ul><li> Menuitem "BlogMark" replaced by "BlogMark This Page..." (or "BlogMark Cette Page..." in the French locale)
</li><li> Supports Firefox 1.6.1
</li><li>Version 1.0
<ul><li> Menuitem inserted after "Bookmark This Page..."
</li><li> Supports Firefox 1.4.1
<ul><li>Version 0.1
<ul><li> Adds an entre "BlogMark" in the contextual menu of the page, which opens the blogmarks popup to add the page in yoyr favorites.
</li><li> Internationalized (french and English currently available)
<h3 name="Misc">Misc</h3>
</a><p><a class="external" href=";application=firefox">I wrote an </a><a href="en/Ant_script_to_assemble_an_extension">ant script to assemble my extension</a>
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