I'm Peter "Mash" Morgan - a full time developer for ten years based in the green valleys of Wales, UK. I mainly code web applications using LAMP and Smarty templating (also Smarty doc maintainer - docbook format).

One of the most exiting things I've discovered recently is XUL; this has to be one of the webs best kept secrets. So after reading the XULPlanet tutorial I am now learning and contributing to tutorial here in the Wiki as well as other things.

XUL is very exiting. Having started coding with VB desktop apps, then moving apps online with asp, php etc it seems to fullfill my dreams of having a rich GUI from a webserver - ie no .exe (and version/install nightmares) or desktop connections to remote db's, but all the destop application widgets. I wish to that ALL for this :-)

XUL Documentation

XUL Yippeee

tabbox XUL:tabbox

tabs XUL:tabs

XUL:Widget Cheatsheet

XUL:XUL Elements

Sandbox:XUL:XUL Element

Sandbox:XUL:Quick Ref



Template:Sandbox:XUL:inherited_from_xul Template:Sandbox:XUL:common_attributes

Sandbox:Tutorials List


Please addanything you want me to do here ;-) Sandbox:Javascript Object Literals - ta nava



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