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<p>Name: Nickolay Ponomarev
</p><p>Nickname: <i>asqueella</i> at MozillaZine <a class="external" href=";u=19717">forums</a>, <a class="external" href="">wiki</a>, and <a class="external" href="">IRC</a>.
</p><p>I am reasonably familiar with Mozilla-related technologies, have experience writing Firefox extensions and simple documentation (contributed to <a class="external" href="">MozillaZine KB</a> and here).
</p><p>I operate <a href="User:NickolayBot">User:NickolayBot</a>. I also am a sysop on this wiki, so feel free to poke me if the need arises.
<small>a few random links:
<a href="User:Nickolay%2f%2fFAQ">/FAQ</a>
<a href="en/Core_JavaScript_1.5_Reference%2f%2freorg">Core JavaScript 1.5 Reference/reorg</a>
<a href="Special:Tags?tag=NeedsAttention&amp;language=en">Category:NeedsAttention</a>
<a href="User:Nickolay%2f%2fAdd_external_links_bot">/Add external links bot</a>
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