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Working on JavaScript documentation, especially the reference.

I'm usually don't have access or have limited access to the internet on the weekends.

I've been very busy recently, since I'm about to move. This week (Nov 13) is going to be hectic too...

JavaScript reference reorganization

Unless someone objects, I'm going to start moving the JS reference pages sometime soon. I'll probably start with the String object and tweak formatting to set a precedent for the rest. I'll save the "new" stuff like the Functions page for last. The redirects are going to be hassle to fix...

Sounds good to me. Nickolay is a good person to check with regarding any details or questions that come up, but I'll be around and accessible all week if you have any problems. Thanks again for all the help, you're doing some great work :) -- dria 04:37, 28 September 2005 (PDT)