About me

My name is Matthew Mondor, my main interest so far in the Mozilla codebase has been SpiderMonkey, the excellent C-JS engine library, which I mostly used for embedded work.

My software home page is

Contributed work

I helped to migrate the old SpiderMonkey documentation to the new wiki site and to time fix found inconsistencies.

In the event where I contribute additionnal work on the Devmo wiki site, I delegate all rights on those contributions to the Mozilla Foundation, unless otherwise stated on the page.

As time allows, I currently continue to add the missing SpiderMonkey 1.6 documentation parts on the wiki.

The following links point to SpiderMonkey examples/tests which may be of use to other people; These are however released under BSD licensed terms with advertizing clause (even in the event where files don't yet have the BSD license header with advertizement clause).

A unix server JavaScript shell written in C using SpiderMonkey
An embedded HTTP server written in JavaScript using the above shell
A demo/test chat site using the above server

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