Notes regarding community involvement stage of plan

lunch notes:

== STEEL ==

- Scriptable Thunderbird Easy Extension Library
- primarily a port of Firefox's FUEL
- JavaScript-like object system
- defines extensions and helper methods
- not yet committed
- primarily a contributor (not a staff) project
- reuse / repurpose FUEL docs?
* - ask doc contributor team what they want to see - let that drive the doc effort for STEEL

== Misc ==

- do STEEL and gloda make some existing docs obsolete? not really - STEEL and gloda do not replace; they are an additional layer

== Community Doc Contribution Team ==

- search "top 10 thunderbird extensions" - track down active extension developers from there
- review AMO; look for popular add-ons or people who have written multiple add-ons
- review Get Satisfaction, see what people are asking for
- DavidB (and other MozMess people) may have suggestions
- Joshua
- humph


- figure out what to ask people
    - most sensible approach is to approach docs as use cases, not try to provide a complete reference
- figure out who to ask
- try to get a single reference person
- figure out how to put it together to encourage community contribution

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