Mozilla websites - purposes and strategies

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(excerpted from an email discussion with Sheppy regarding the purpose of the various Mozilla sites)

Are the following statements correct?

Q: - is gradually being retired as a developer documentation site and things are being gradually ported to (I noticed a TODO list somewhere to this effect)

A: is the project site; its intention is to be where information about the project is for casual interest, more than anything, I think.  All developer docs are moving to

Q: will be the user documentation site? (what about mozillazine?)

A: I'm not sure where user docs are; I think these are more at



Q: is the project management site - there probably shouldn't be any documentation here, just links?

A: Correct.  Docs there would be design documents, and plans.  Actual docs for stuff that's shipping (which includes prerelease builds, once the feature is more or less in place) go on

Q: It seems that is used for "core" docs (instructions for build, localization, etc). Is this as desired, or will these be
moved to Or are they old and obsolete?

A: Any of these docs that are still on

are either going to be moved or are obsolete.  This is a long ongoing process. :)


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