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Sometime in the future we may be able to use the Firefox manual / book approach to produce a similar Thunderbird item.


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On this one we could direct people to the work that is being done by the FLOSS Manuals Project.

Some Background

A community of volunteer designers, editors, writers and interested
contributors have created a book about Firefox that could be used as
tutorial and training guide.  With David Tenser's and the SUMO community
work the group has also been able to leverage and repurpose SUMO content
into more narative and book form and update the content to synch it up
with Firefox 3.0

You can see the current state of this project at<wbr/>firefox

There are a few branding, licensing, attribution, and editorial things
to finish cleaning up but then it will be ready to invite wider
participation.  The goal of all that is to have a base of content where
the branding is correct and the content can be freely remixed to help
support a clarities of trainning and education goals.

The big advantage in this system is that the content updating and
publishing can happen within hours and days, instead of weeks and months
making it much easier for on-line and printed books to stay in sync with
the most recent release of the software.

Its also easy to get involved and contribute using the FLOSS Manuals
System.  If you create an account on the site you can start contribute
to the project just like contributing to a wiki.

Next Steps and Use of the Content at the FLOSS Manual Firefox Project


The FLOSS Manual system allows individuals or groups to freely print
copies of the content formated in book form.  You can also buy bound
paperback books off<wbr/>paperback-book/firefox/6480979 with the
proceeds going back into  improvements in the system and as a way to
sponsor efforts to improve and expand the books produced by the
project.  So anyone anywhere could just print off manuals to hand out at
training workshops.

Work is also off the ground to support localization of all the book
content.   There are examples here<wbr/>firefox
and here<wbr/>firefox  The FLOSS Manual group will
be ramping up to support more languages soon.  We could organize
translation sprints of the current content during Service Week.

As we get closer to the release of Firefox 3.5 the content will also
need updating to synch up with that release.

It may be too much to try and focus and direct all, or most of, "the
documentation and tutorial" parts for Service Week into this project but
we ought to consider it.

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