Here, largely for my own gratification, is a list of bugs I've patched:

  • bug 46555 - "Select All" is enabled even when text field is empty
  • bug 215405 - Scroll position not remembered on pages with cache-control: no-store http header
  • bug 263683 - Find Bar "Highlight All" should use selection, not manipulate DOM
  • bug 318065 - Value is wrong during oninput for ctrl+z (undo) if text was blank before undo
  • bug 345339 - Revisit nsPresState
  • bug 348681 - Don't allow overlapping ranges in the selection
  • bug 393922 - Remove nsIDownloadProgressListener::onStatusChange and nsIDownloadListener::onLocationChange
  • bug 404572 - Get two different "Are you sure you want to quit?" dialogs when trying to quit during download
  • bug 408605 - Preference to control cross-session download behaviour
  • bug 409624 - FastFind not cleared when doing Clear private data
  • bug 415078 - nsWebShell.cpp attempts to fixup immutable URIs
  • bug 418874 - Undo function does not work in emptyText textboxes (e.g. Firefox search field, URL bar)
  • bug 429723 - Empty findbar turns red and "Phrase not found" is displayed when "Highlight all" is enabled and search term is removed
  • bug 449116 - Findbar highlighting should not explicitly repaint selection
  • bug 451203 - Unable to select text that has been highlighted by the find toolbar
  • bug 451204 - Highlighted text is white on white text on a yellow background, difficult to read
  • bug 451212 - "Highlight all" interferes with the look of disabled normal selection
  • bug 451286 - Highlight all does not seem to work at all across frames
  • bug 451232 - Setting ui.* color pref to empty string or removing pref doesn't immediately reset color to default
  • bug 451252 - "Highlight All" find selection not visible in elements that have -moz-user-select: none set
  • bug 451540 - Find highlighting in textboxes grows/decreases when editing matched word
  • bug 471319 - Undoing the last action of a textbox immediately after emptytext was displayed inserts a line feed (breaks search textbox)
  • bug 471722 - Plaintext editor redo handling code looks for incorrect type of bogus node
  • bug 471776 - Textboxes with emptytext shouldn't enable undo for display and deletion of empty text
  • bug 477631 - [Linux] Intermittent Chrome test_bug418874.xul failure
  • bug 483217 - prbool violation in /content/html/content/src/nsHTMLButtonElement.cpp
  • bug 483589 - PRBool problem in nsHTMLEditor::EnableExistingStylesheet
  • bug 483651 - Trailing <br> not removed when it should be
  • bug 493111 - "ASSERTION: Range index not returned"
  • bug 495153 - nsIEditor.removeEditActionListener exception in this case when unhighlighting after changing source of iframe
  • bug 502673 - Possible to crash with multiple document state listeners on the same object
  • bug 510575 - Selecting a table row and pasting in the editor crashes Firefox
  • bug 519695 - Assorted findbar nits
  • bug 562326 - bug451286_window.xul (used by test_bug451286.xul) randomly times out on the tinderbox if the HTML5 parser is enabled
  • bug 566251 - Findbar chrome tests should use SimpleTest.executeSoon rather than using nsIThreadManager directly
  • bug 566942 - nsTextFragment::SetTo can be slow
  • bug 640302 - Date comparisons in various add-on manager tests are fragile, and dependent on locale
  • bug 656131 - Typo in nsWebShellWindow::ConstrainToOpenerScreen
  • bug 663585 - Push hooks should print out hg url for the changeset
  • bug 682338 - nsXULPopupListener::HandleEvent intends to focus contextmenu target on platforms where it's shown on mousedown, but not those where it's shown on mouseup; been doing exact opposite since 2001
  • bug 682618 - test_contextmenu's IsCommandEnabled calls can be dispatched to the wrong element
  • bug 693029 - Ctrl+F shouldn't work to open Find toolbar in about:permissions for realz this time.
  • bug 724513 - Startupcache can load invalid cache if unable to delete startupCache file
  • bug 736358 - Do not prompt users to "open the add-ons manager" when a restartless add-on finishes installing
  • bug 740784 - Undo (Ctrl+z) in textarea adding a newline (\n) to the text
  • bug 747163 - TelemetryHistogramType returns failure for HISTOGRAM_FLAG
  • bug 747379 - Cloning a flag histogram with Telemetry::HistogramFrom breaks the "only one count" invariant
  • bug 764207 - Tryserver pushes should output TBPL link for the push
  • bug 766181 - Need an extra null check for aOutIndex in Selection::AddItem
  • bug 778231 - Add a button to auto-post csets to bugs (Partial fix - still some WIP)
  • bug 785051 - Display tree 'motd' field after 'reason', once added to TreeStatus
  • bug 789576 - Automatically linkify "bug XXXXXX" when present in tree status reason/motd
  • bug 802718 - Manually restore window at end of browser_minimize to avoid breaking rest of suite if test fails



I am the author of m-cMerge, the tool inbound sheriffs use for taking care of post-merge Bugzilla administrivia. You can read about m-cMerge here, and view my contributions to it here.


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