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I'm George Rypysc (Rip-ish), a longtime Mozilla fan.

So far, most of my contributions here have focused on the DOM (document, form, event) and the Browser Feature Detection document.

Contact me at


0. Update DOM Levels (I couldn't find any other doc which tracks level of DOM/HTML5 support)

1. Enhancement: Browser Feature Detection and related docs (orig. on DevEdge ):

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2007-08-24 8,405

2. Migration: DOM Sample Code (<title> = "Samples using DOM 1, DOM 2, CSS and JS")

Under "DOM Reference and Links"
Links from devmo/MDC page: DHTML Demonstrations Using DOM/Style
Listed on Migration list: MDC:Existing_Content#Samples

3. Consistency, completeness: DOM document, navigator, and window.

4. Special:Wantedpages

5. Completeness: Interfaces



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<h3 name="About"> About </h3>
<p>I'm George Rypysc (Rip-ish), a longtime Mozilla fan.  
</p><p>So far, most of my contributions here have focused on the <a href="en/DOM">DOM</a> (document, form, event) and the <a href="en/Browser_Feature_Detection">Browser Feature Detection</a> document.
</p><p>Contact me at
<h3 name="TODO"> TODO </h3>
<p>0. Update <a href="en/DOM_Levels">DOM Levels</a> (I couldn't find any other doc which tracks level of DOM/HTML5 support)
<ul><li> the bugs mentioned in the doc probably need updating - e.g. Never mentioned for DOM3/DOM L3 see {{template.Bug(212218)}}
</li><li> doc lists five modules to DOM3, but six given at
</li><li> DOM Level 3's "XPath module" != XML's "XPath v1.0"? (<code>document.implementation.hasFeature("XPath","3.0") == true, not "1.0"</code>)
</li><li> +DOM Level 0 for historical completeness (but focus on how Gecko "supports"), Definition of "DOM0" = <a class="external" href=""> "Although the W3C never produced a specification for DOM 0, it was nonetheless a partially documented model and was included in the specification of HTML 4.", also </a><a class="external" href="">
</a></li><li><a class="external" href=""> Newer DOM-expanding specs?: WHATWG HTML5, Forms2, etc
</a></li><li><a class="external" href=""> Refs: </a><a class="external" href="">DOM owners</a>, <a class="external" href="">Old? DOM roadmap</a>, <a class="external" href=""></a>, src: mozilla/dom/public/idl
<p>1. Enhancement: <a href="en/Browser_Feature_Detection">Browser Feature Detection</a> and related docs (orig. on DevEdge <a class="external" href="">):
</a></p><a class="external" href="">
</a><ul><a class="external" href=""></a><li><a class="external" href=""> +new browser releases (and correlate to rendering engine vers.), +Safari(WebKit</a><a class="external" href=""> == WebCore + JavaScriptCore)
</a></li><li><a class="external" href=""> <s>wikilink property names</s>
</a></li><li><a class="external" href=""> alphabetize props/methods (in js code too) or keep as is? The current order seems to follow the order given in the W3C specs.
</a></li><li><a class="external" href=""> Caveat of this detection method?: Does CSS2 "playDuring" really work in NS7 or 9? - 0 bugs found for "playDuring" search.
</a></li><li><a class="external" href=""> Background:
</a><ul><a class="external" href=""></a><li><a class="external" href=""> Different methods to detect feature support in browsers:
</a><ol><a class="external" href=""></a><li><a class="external" href=""> Examine user agent string <code>navigator.product</code> or <code>.userAgent</code> or ?- </a><a href="en/Browser_Detection_and_Cross_Browser_Support">Browser Detection and Cross Browser Support</a>
</li><li> Direct feature detection: <code>if (typeof document.getElementById != 'undefined') or (?)if (document.all)</code>...
<dl><dd>   as seen at <a href="en/Browser_Feature_Detection">Browser Feature Detection</a> 
</li><li> <code><a href="en/DOM/document.implementation">document.implementation</a>.hasFeature("Core","2.0"), <i>Node</i>.<a href="en/DOM/element.isSupported">isSupported</a>(<i>feature, version</i>)</code>, etc - see <a class="external" href="">
</a><dl><a class="external" href=""></a><dd><a class="external" href="">   as seen at </a><a class="external" href="">DOM Support Detection - W3C</a>
</dd><dd>   see caveat at
</li><li> Fine grained detection is hazardous/prone to write too specifically for certain browsers? (en.wikipedia article discusses this) 
</li><li> Or a way to work around less full implementations until they catch up?
</li><li> When finalized, let <a href="User:Mathieu_Deaudelin">User:Mathieu Deaudelin</a> and <a href="User:CitizenK">User:CitizenK</a>'s TODO know about change in status from <i>started to </i>completed
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">DOM Test Suite - W3C/NIST</a>
</li><li> O'Reilly book: Ch5 on browser feature detection
<dl><dd><dl><dd>Is this doc even useful to people/used by people?:
<dl><dd><dl><dd><table class="standard-table">

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</td><td class="header">access count
<p>2. Migration: <a class="external" href="">DOM Sample Code</a> (&lt;title&gt; = "Samples using DOM 1, DOM 2, CSS and JS")
<dl><dd>Under "DOM Reference and Links"
</dd><dd>Links from devmo/MDC page: <a href="en/DHTML_Demonstrations_Using_DOM%2f%2fStyle">DHTML Demonstrations Using DOM/Style</a>
</dd><dd>Listed on Migration list: <a href="Project:en/Existing_Content#Samples">MDC:Existing_Content#Samples</a>
<p>3. Consistency, completeness: <a href="en/DOM">DOM</a> document, navigator, and window.
</p><p>4. <a href="Special:Wantedpages">Special:Wantedpages</a>
</p><p>5. Completeness: <a href="en/Interfaces">Interfaces</a>
<h3 name="Refs">Refs</h3>
<ul><li> <a href="Project:en/Custom_Templates">MDC:Custom Templates</a>
</li><li> irc:// channel Not listed on <a class="external" href=""></a>
</li><li> <a class="external" href=""></a>
<h3 name="Migrations">Migrations</h3>
<ul><li> <a class="external" href="">MimeTypeArray</a> 
</li><li> both XUL and DOM - via templates? - <a class="external" href=""></a>
</li><li> DevEdge <a class="external" href="">mirror</a>
</li><li> <a href="en/DevEdge/Priority_Content">DevEdge:Priority Content</a>
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">HTML Guide</a>
<h3 name="Off-Site_References">Off-Site References</h3>
<ul><li> <a class="external" href="">W3C's Window Object 1.0</a> - draft 2006, window.navigator won't be part of spec.
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">Spring Into Technical Writing...</a>
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