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    I'm George Rypysc (Rip-ISH), a longtime Mozilla fan.

    I don't check in here that often so contact me at georgethree+devmo AT gmail DOT com

    (note-to-self: I came across this web, DOM, etc reference - Google DocType).

    Old / obsolete stuff:

      Most of my contributions here have focused on the DOM (document, form, event) and the Browser Feature Detection document.

    Quick Ref (obsolete MediaWiki syntax - pre-DekiWiki days...)


    0. Get feedback on revised properties section of DOM:document and copy over to actual article if others think it's an improvement.

    awk script to do some of wiki-list to wiki-table conversion:
    gawk -F: '{print "\"|-|<code>" substr($1,3) ":" $2 "</code>||" substr($3,2) "||\","}' domTemp.txt > dom1

    1. (maybe - if work more w/XML) Update XML in Mozilla

    2. Enhancement: Browser Feature Detection and related docs (orig. on DevEdge ):

    Is this doc even useful to people/used by people?:
    date access count
    2007-08-24 8,405
    2007-11-06 9,540
    2007-12-16 10,702
    2008-07-06 12,971

    3. Migration: DOM Sample Code (<title> = "Samples using DOM 1, DOM 2, CSS and JS")

    Get uploaded to ? -
    Under "DOM Reference and Links"
    Links from devmo/MDC page: DHTML Demonstrations Using DOM/Style
    Listed on Migration list: MDC:Existing_Content#Samples

    4. 1. Update DOM Levels (I couldn't find any other doc which tracks level of DOM/HTML5 support)

    • the bugs mentioned in the doc probably need updating - e.g. Never mentioned for DOM3/DOM L3 see bug 212218
    • doc lists five modules to DOM3, but six given at
    • DOM Level 3's "XPath module" != XML's "XPath v1.0"? (document.implementation.hasFeature("XPath","3.0") == true, not "1.0")
    • +DOM Level 0 for historical completeness (but focus on how Gecko "supports"), Definition of "DOM0" = "Although the W3C never produced a specification for DOM 0, it was nonetheless a partially documented model and was included in the specification of HTML 4.", also
    • Newer DOM-expanding specs?: WHATWG HTML5, Forms2, etc
    • Refs: DOM owners, Old? DOM roadmap,, src: mozilla/dom/public/idl

    5. Consistency, completeness (remove red-links): DOM document, navigator, and window.

    6. Misc:

    7. Special:Wantedpages

    8. Completeness: Interfaces, HTML:Element


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