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    I am Frédéric Bourgeon. I am a MDN contributor mainly over CSS documentation so far. Most part of the work I usually do is translating the CSS Reference into French which needs quite an amount of time. I also erratically expand the English CSS Reference.

    I am guilty for the CSS flexible boxes layout module documentation on MDN.


    Because everything cannot only be a mess and getting to document whatever I want, I sometimes need some self-set guidelines.

    Some sort of sort-to-do-list

    • To do when CSS flexbox are about to land with more stability
      • Update when CSS flexbox module gets more mature
      • Update
    • Translate the CSS Reference into French
    • Commencer le travail sur les sélecteurs CSS/pseudo-sélecteurs
    • Compléter/traduire toutes les pseudo-classes
    • Commencer le travail sur les articles didactiques sur les technologies modernes/qui ont la cote
      • media queries
      • animations
      • transformations
      • Flexbox
    • Compléter mon guide personnel de bonnes pratiques

    My own collection of MDN reminder

    Bonnes pratiques pour MDN

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