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Hi, my name is Florian Scholz and I'm a German web developer.


  • to be continued...
  • 30th December 2010: One year devmo! (2411 edits in 2010)
  • 8-12 October 2010: Web Standards Doc Sprint in Paris
  • 1st July 2010: Page counter: 250 German pages
  • January-July 2010: updated German pages (100% reached on 21 Jul 2010)
  • March 2010: generated update pages: de, fr, ja, pl, es, cn (Now outdated, for a l10n dashboard see {{ bug(564748) }})
  • February 2010: fixed interwiki links
  • 30th December 2009: Signed up my devmo account

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<p>Hi, my name is Florian Scholz and I'm a German web developer.</p>
  <li>IRC: <a class="link-irc" href="irc://">#devmo</a> or <a class="link-irc" href="irc://"></a></li>
  <li>Twitter: <a class="external" href="">@floscholz</a></li>
  <li><a href="/User:Elchi3/Sandbox" title="User:Elchi3/Sandbox">My sandbox</a></li>
<h2 id="Milestones_and_statistics">History</h2>
  <li>to be continued...</li>
  <li><strong>30th December 2010:</strong> One year devmo! (2411 edits in 2010)</li>
  <li><strong>8-12 October 2010:</strong> <a class="external" href="" title="">Web Standards Doc Sprint in Paris</a></li>
  <li><strong>1st July 2010:</strong> Page counter: 250 German pages</li>
  <li><strong>January-July 2010: </strong><a href="/Project:de/Updates" title="Project:de/Updates">updated German pages</a> (100% reached on 21 Jul 2010)</li>
  <li><strong>March 2010:</strong> generated update pages: <a href="/Project:de/Updates" title="Project:de/Updates">de</a>, <a href="/Project:fr/Updates" title="Project:fr/Updates">fr</a>, <a href="/Project:ja/Updates" title="Project:ja/Updates">ja</a>, <a href="/Project:pl/Updates" title="Project:pl/Updates">pl</a>, <a href="/Project:es/Updates" title="Project:es/Updates">es</a>, <a href="/Project:cn/Updates" title="Project:cn/Updates">cn</a> (Now outdated, for a l10n dashboard see {{ bug(564748) }})</li>
  <li><strong>February 2010:</strong> <a class="extern external" href=";;start=0&amp;sa=N">fixed interwiki links</a></li>
  <li><strong>30th December 2009:</strong> Signed up my devmo account</li>
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