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<h3 name=".E9.96.8B.E9.A0.AD"> 開頭 </h3>
<p><i>Ernest Chiang</i>, a <b>process integration engineer</b> in semiconductor field, but shows his interest in Internet whole the time.
</p><p>I would help on the documents of MDC in <a class="external" href="">Traditional Chinese</a> version.
<h3 name="About"> About </h3>
<p>All about me...
<ul><li> <a class="external" href=""> (in Chinese)</a>
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">My resume (in Chinese)</a>
<h3 name="Dashboard"> Dashboard </h3>
<ul><li> <a href="Special:Allpages">Special:Allpages</a>
</li><li> <a href="Special:Wantedpages">Special:Wantedpages</a>
</li><li> <a class="external" href=";from=&amp;namespace=10">所有樣板</a>
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