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Charles Iliya Krempeaux, B.Sc. @ Devmo


If you want to see what I'm currently working on or planning to work on (on Devmo) take a look at my TODO list. If you want to contact me, your can get my contact info from my Contact page.

Me and Devmo

I started off working on Devmo, one Friday, because I was a bit sick and wasn't able to do anything. So I was stuck at home. I was looking around the Devmo docs and came across the Gecko Plugin API Reference:Plug-in Basics article. The formatting of the article was all messed up. (It was probably either copied-and-pasted or imported with a program.) Having already had alot of experience with MediaWiki -- the wiki that Devmo is running on -- I went ahead and fixed it.

I then started looking around. I found the HTML documentation to be somewhat lacking. The HTML Element Cross Reference had a list of a whole bunch of HTML Elements, but none of the HTML Elements linked to anything. (I wanted a reference system for the HTML Elements, like the PHP Web Site has for PHP functions.) So, I created the links. I went on to create a page that lists all the HTML Elements. And began creating pages for each HTML Element. (For example: HTML Bold Element, HTML Big Element, HTML Small Element, etc.)

I stated the whole RSS section (and all the stuff in it) from scratch.

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