About Me

My Name is Taro Matsuzawa. My nickname is btm. btm's 'b' is mean 'broken':-) Also Known as Kumicho. Kumicho is japanese word. Kumi' is community, 'cho' is reader, but 'Kumicho' has other mean 'gang boss'. I'm not gang boss;-) In MDC, I translate some documents English to Japanese.

  • I'm reader japanese mozilla community (Mozilla-gumi).
  • I study XUL from 2000.
  • My favorite product is XULRunner, and I wrote XULRunner article to Software Design (Japanese famous Magazine).
  • My other nickname is 'deathmarch' ...orz
  • I am Java, Python, Visual Basic Programmer.


  • XUL!
  • Programming and Network hacks.
  • Breakcore, Drum'n'base music.
  • Japanese anime and comics.

My Goals

XULRunner take over the world:-)

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