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Hopes for Mozilla (and the world)

Just because this is not a for-profit company doesn't mean that standards for the treatment of one's "customers" (whether mailing list inquirers, bug-reporting developers, discussion forum suggesters, etc.) should be lower than a for-profit company. Granted, in a for-profit company, you have to pay $50 an hour, but at least you get that respect.

Although I don't like to use the word "professionalism", as it's often used in a cold way, I do think we could use more of that. That may be harder to quantify than browser speed, memory handling, ACID compliance, or whatever, but I'd like to think that an open community which has achieved as much as this one, can outshine the corporations in this area too...

I also believe we might find a better quality of discussion, participation, and even vital contributions when there is a quality of leadership which invites participation all around, insists on a good tone, takes a "can-do" attitude, attempts to at least respond to questioners, and certainly doesn't greet inquiries or even mistaken statements with hostility...

Companies recognize that the 'soft' stuff does matter...I hope all of us who want to make a real difference in the help they offer the community on the technical side will keep that in mind too, as what good are our technical creations if we're all miserable using them?

Brettz9 12:25, 11 January 2008 (PST)



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