Mike Beltzner can often be seen lurking on's <tt>#calendar</tt>, <tt>#thunderbird</tt>, and <tt>#firefox</tt> channels, offering candy and UI guidance to unsuspecting children. He claims to be an interaction designer, but there are significant doubts.

He is egotistical enough to keep a weblog which he updates with a frequency that is uncannily like a psudo-random number generator.

To Do List

For the design document...

  • <strike>figure out where wiki edit tools go</strike>
  • <strike>clarify what the weblog pages look like for completeness' sake.</strike>
  • <strike>Edit instead of Login</strike>
  • <strike>update descriptions of block layouts</strike>
  • <strike>sort out what goes in weblog page sidebar</strike>
  • <strike>update the mockups and put 'em in the design document</strike>
  • <strike>add index-per-topic pages</strike>
  • <strike>update images</strike>
  • <strike>describe how "submit an item" works</strike>
  • <strike>describe how logging in works for wiki/blogs</strike>
  • put together a sample scenario walkthrough

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